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Print Collateral Design Services

Professional marketing collateral attracts the audience you want to attract and builds confidence in your company. It establishes a positive association with your company and can be a great sales tool to attract new customers.


Print Collateral Design Services


First Impressions - Well designed professional marketing materials gives clients an impression about your company, and the quality of service/product that it provides. The right pieces can have a profound impact on how professional, stable and well established your business looks to new clients.

Be more Memorable - People have a tendency to remember what they see more then what they read or hear. Making a strong visual impression helps people remember your company when they are looking for a new product or service.

Stand out - Well designed printed collateral can give you an edge on the competition by looking more professional, established and appealing in a new clients eyes and showing off what makes you different and better.



1.    You describe your vision - First we begin with a client consultation. The purpose of this initial meeting is to help me truly understand what you are looking for and how I can design to best fulfill your companies needs.

2.    Proposal - I will then send you a Print Proposal which outlines the contents to be developed, the graphic and text requirements, proposed timeline, and the cost of producing your end product. If you would like, I will also provide you with initial printing quotes from three quality printers.

3.    Project Initiation - Upon your approval of the proposal I require a 30% deposit. Along with this invoice, I will send you a contract. The contract will state the project amount, terms and agreement, and other miscellaneous items. Upon receipt of your deposit and signed contract, I will schedule your print project.

4.    Defining the Project Goals and Objectives - We start the process by having you fill out a Collateral Design Brief Questionnaire. This gathers information about your company, services, clients, local and national competition, target market, industry, audience, purpose, project goals and more.

5.    Collecting Materials - This is the time to start collecting materials for your printed project. This includes anything that you can provide me with to help design your project; current marketing materials, logo files, text, business cards, photos of your employees or place of business, catalogs, etc. If you are selling products, I will need photos and product specifications. You can email, mail, or drop off any content that you have at any time.

6.    Bringing your vision to life - Based on our communications in step 4, and after lots of research, I'll create digital sketches showing at least three different ideas for your project. A PDF file or color printout of these concepts will be sent to you.

7.    Narrowing down our focus - You will be asked choose one concept and to critique it. We'll go back and forth with drafts, narrowing down the look and feel of the design until you are completely satisfied with your new printed project.

8.    Finalizing the Project - You will be asked to sign off on a final proof of the design, and to pay any balance on the account before it goes to the selected printer. I'll handle the quirks that inevitably come up when dealing with professional print houses (I speak print- jargon fluently), ensuring you timely and quality work for the best possible prices.

9.    You get the goods - I will then send you a CD with all your projects working files and final files, fonts and images. I will also include a PDF file of the final design so that you can place it on your website or send it to clients.

10.  Customer satisfaction survey - I value your feedback and input on how I did and how the end product is working for you.


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