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Custom Graphics and Image Editing Services

A picture says a thousand words and nothing attracts attention and speaks to perspective clients like a custom collage or graphic unique to just your company. I can create for your business stunning original artwork, or edit and retouch existing images.


Custom Graphics and Image Editing Services


THE Custom & Web Graphics DESIGN PROCESS  |  Download a PDF file DOWNLOAD AS A PDF FILE

1.    You'll describe your vision - First we begin with a client consultation. The purpose of this initial meeting is to help me truly understand what you are looking for and how I can design to best fulfill your companies needs.

2.    Proposal - I will then send you a Custom & Web Graphics Proposal which outlines the graphics to be developed,
any photography or image purchasing needs, proposed timeline, and the cost of producing your end product.

3.    Project Initiation - Upon your approval of the proposal, I require 30% deposit of the proposed cost.
Upon receipt of your deposit, I will schedule your custom graphic work.

4.    Collecting Materials - Now is the time to start collecting materials for your project. This includes anything that you may want to include in your graphics (ie. logo files, product photos, etc.) If the project requires custom or stock photography we will purchase it now.

5.    Bringing your vision to life - Depending on what is specified in step 1, I'll create one or many digital sketches showing different ideas for your design. A PDF file or color printout will be sent to you.

6.    The fine-tuning - You then tell me what you like and what you'd like to change about the artwork. I will then make changes based on your input. We will go back and forth fine tuning the graphic until you are completely satisfied.

7.    Finalizing the project - Once all the kinks are worked out of the design you will be sent a final proof. You will be required to sign off on the design and pay the balance on your account.

8.    You get the goods - I will then send you a CD with all your projects working file and final files, fonts and images.

9.    Customer satisfaction survey - I value your feedback and input on how I did and how the end product is working for you.


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